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Winter Carnival

Catch all of your winter fun at the annual Cochrane Winter Carnival.
Winter Carnival

Days of Wintery Fun

The Cochrane Winter Carnival is a celebration of all things winter! Spanning a number of days, the Winter Carnival boasts a unique variety of events that provides something for all. The Cochrane Winter Carnival is the oldest winter festival in Ontario and it adds to the history of Cochrane, celebrating its roots and all the citizens who live here.

Community Events

The Torchlight Parade is a night for community gathering. With the leadership of the Cochrane Fire Department, residents walk towards Lake Commando with a torch where a large bonfire is lit. The night includes refreshments and entertainment and is unlike any other carnival event.

With over 35 events annually, the Torchlight Parade is just the beginning. Visit the Official Cochrane Winter Carnival Website for information on the history of Winter Carnival and to learn more about this year’s carnival. Don’t forget to like and follow the Facebook page to stay in the loop and see photos from past Carnivals.

Follow the Winter Carnival

Stay up-to-date on the latest announcements by following the Winter Carnival Facebook page.

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