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Property Standards

Homeowners are required to do some basic landscaping of their property. Every yard, including vacant lots, shall be kept clean and free from:

  • Heavy undergrowth and excessive growth of grass and weeds
  • Noxious plants, such as ragweed, poison oak, etc.
  • Dead, decaying or damaged trees or other natural growth, and unsafe branches and limbs which create an unsafe condition
  • Garbage, rubble, waste, construction material or other debris constituting an unsafe condition
  • Holes, pits, excavations or trenches constituting an unsafe condition
  • Wrecked, dismantled, inoperative or unused vehicles, trailers, boats, snowmobiles, or other machinery or any part thereof and junk and refuse of any kind
  • Dilapidated, collapsed or partially constructed structures
  • Injurious insects, termites, rodents, vermin or other pests

The minimum standards by-law relates to all buildings regardless of use. If a tenant feels the unit they are occupying is unsafe, an inspection of the building can be performed by a qualified building inspector to determine compliance with the by-law. Problems such as broken windows, plumbing, electrical and structural are some examples of complaints most commonly recognized.

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Frequently Requested Bylaws

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Frequently Requested Bylaws

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