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Budget & Finances

Find out more information about how the Town of Cochrane manages an effective town budget.
Budget & Finances

Keeping the Town On Track

A municipal budget serves as a fundamental blueprint that guides us towards efficiency, effectiveness, and proactiveness. It provides a plan on how much money is expected to be received and spent, the level of service to be provided to our residents and the priority of our projects and services.

Budgeting 101

The budget is comprised of two main components:

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget funds an array of programs and services such as emergency, child care, library, care and maintenance of cemeteries, parks and facilities, recreational events, solid waste management including waste/recycling pick up and landfill operations, snow removal, road maintenance, general government and much more. It focuses on the delivery of services and programs in our community. Wages, utilities, insurance, licenses, etc. are examples of the nature of expenses to help provide those services.

Capital Budget

The Capital Budget funds new, replaced, enhanced, and rehabilitated infrastructure. Examples include new and replaced sidewalks, road reconstruction, major repairs and maintenance that could extend the life of our assets such as buildings, etc. The budget helps identify priority infrastructure projects to take care of our current and future needs.

Budget Process
Goals & Priorities

Every Fall we begin with setting priorities with Council by reviewing their Strategic Plan. This helps guide staff in preparing a budget that will move us towards achieving our Town’s Vision and Objectives.

Budget Schedule

An annual budget schedule is established in early Fall to provide all stakeholders with anticipated deadlines in hopes of approving the final budget in a timely fashion. It includes dates and goals for priority setting, draft reviews, budget meetings and presentations, and by-law establishments.

Budget Review & Deliberations

In November, a draft budget is presented to Council for review. It provides an opportunity for deliberations, public consultation, and requests for further information to bring us closer towards a final budget, typically passed in the beginning of the following year.

Final Budget

Council approves the entire budget through by-laws. The Water and Wastewater budgets are similar to the Tax-Based Operating and Capital Budgets described above, however funded by Water and Wastewater fees.

Budget Meetings

All budget meetings are live streamed. Watch live or view the recently archived town council meetings directly from the Live Streams Council Cast section.

Financial Statements

Our FilePro document center stores copies of all past and present Town of Cochrane financial statements. Simple browse, view, and or download the town’s latest financial statements.

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2023 Budget 
2022 Budget 
2021 Budget Highlights

2020 was a year like no other. Despite the struggles we’ve faced, our community has shown strength, determination, creativity, and heart. The ongoing pandemic is bringing unknown challenges in our upcoming year. However, we continue to do our best at planning ahead and striving towards financial stewardship. Below are a few key documents for the 2021 budget.


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