Marriage Ceremonies

Looking to get married? Below you will find all the information about conducting a civil marriage ceremony and applying for a marriage license.
Marriage Ceremonies

Civil Marriage Ceremonies

The Clerk’s department offers civil ceremonies to couples who are looking to have a simple, non-religious marriage ceremony. In order to be married the couple will need to have reserved and met with their chosen marriage commissioner and hold a valid completed marriage licence.

Bookings & Fees

In order to book their marriage commissioner, couples must pay the $315.00 fee to the municipality by cash, cheque, or debit and complete the marriage ceremony booking agreement. Following the reception of the form and payment, a meeting with the selected commissioner will be organized.

Mandatory Meeting

At least one meeting with the commissioner prior to the wedding is mandatory for couples requesting the service. The meeting will take place at Town Hall and couples will need to bring the following items to the meeting:

  • Valid marriage license
  • Completed civil ceremony questionnaire
  • Receipt of payment for the civil ceremony
  • One piece of current, valid photo identification

Your first step is to go through the information package checklist and to fill out the necessary applications. Be sure to do that first and foremost.


Couples may be married in Council Chambers at the Town Hall or at an alternative location, such as a residence, a restaurant, or a park.

No decorations, confetti, bubbles, or incense are permitted in or around the facility being used for the marriage ceremony.

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Civil Marriage Information Package

Those wishing to hold a civil marriage ceremony need to download and complete the marriage ceremony booking agreement.

Marriage Licence

To apply for a marriage licence, please refer to the information below. If you have any additional questions, you are encouraged to contact Town Hall and the Clerk’s department by email or phone.

Please note that the fillable application form and general information on the issuance of a marriage licence can be found on the Service Ontario website.

How to Apply
  • Download the marriage licence application form (hard copies can also be picked up at Town Hall)
  • Complete and sign (original signatures) and date the application form (both applicants)
  • Book an appointment with Town Hall. Marriage licences will be issued by appointment only.
  • Provide the following items for your appointment:
    • Marriage licence application form: completed and signed.
    • Identification: two pieces for each applicant (see Acceptable Identification).
    • Divorce documents: Certificate of Divorce (original or court-certified) or other foreign divorce documents (see Out-of-Country Divorces).
  • Provide payment for the $130.00 marriage licence fee.
Acceptable Identification

Both you and your partner must provide two pieces of original, valid, government-issued identification. At least 1 piece of identification must include a current photo and signature. We cannot accept expired identification. Examples of acceptable identification include:

  • Birth certificate, including change of name certificate
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Valid passport
  • Ontario photo health card
  • Record of immigrant landing
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Valid Ontario Photo Card
Out-of-country divorces

If you were divorced outside of Canada, you will need to provide certain documents to prove that you are no longer married. The government needs to validate these documents. This process can take up to 4 weeks. Please refer to Service Ontario for further instructions.

Marriage Licence Application

You can download a copy of the marriage licence application from the Service Ontario website. Hard copies also available at Town Hall.
Civil Marriage Ceremony
Marriage License

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