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Find all the information you need to know about building in Cochrane.

Building Division

The Building Division is staffed by a Chief Building Official and a Building Inspector. These employees are responsible for the administration of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and associated guidelines such as, the municipal building bylaw, and the municipal property standards by-law.

The mandate of the Building Division is to ensure that development, redevelopment, and building maintenance in the town occurs in a manner that will safeguard the public’s health and safety. The Building Division issues all building permits.

Ontario Building Code Administration

The Building Department is responsible for ensuring that all applicable development in the town occurs in accordance with the OBC and the Town Building By-law. Permits are required for all new construction relating to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional uses in addition to related construction works like plumbing. Permits are also required for demolition work.

  • Plans Examination: Staff are responsible for receiving and processing building permit applications. An important aspect of this processing component is plans examination, which is done to ensure that the various aspects of construction shown in the plans meet the requirements of the OBC and associated guidelines.
  • Site Inspections: Once the building plans are reviewed and approved, a permit is issued and construction is permitted to commence. The department is then responsible for conducting routine detailed site inspections of approved developments to ensure that construction is occurring in compliance with the approved plans.
  • Enforcement: In cases where non-compliance issues are found during the construction phases, corrective action needs to be taken. This is typically achieved through issuing various orders that authorize the halting of construction and or require other corrective action to take place. In extreme cases, where the applicant does not follow, or refuses to follow, OBC requirements, the applicant is subject to prosecution through the court system.
Property standards bylaw administration

The Building department is also responsible for administering the Town property standards by-law as it relates to structures. The purpose of this by-law is to ensure that properties and associated structures are maintained in a manner that safeguards the health and safety of local residents.

Building Permit Application

Download a copy of the application for a permit to construct or demolish.

Building Notice

Planning a home renovation or building something new? Plans for any new structure, addition or renovation must comply with the Ontario Building Code, local zoning bylaws, and other applicable laws and regulations.

Building Permits

A building permit is your approval to begin construction or demolition. By granting a building permit, the Town of Cochrane has reviewed your plans for any new structure, addition or renovation, and has deemed that the plans have complied with the Ontario Building Code, local zoning by-laws, and any other applicable laws and regulations.

Type of Permits
Re-roofing (Residential)
Re-roofing (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)
New residential roof (Includes trusses, sheathing and insulation)
Minor foundation repairs, weeping tiles, damp proofing
Residential accessory garages, sheds, carports (includes additions)
$0.50 / sq. ft
Portable structures; office, camp for workers and storage
33 SQ. Meters or less
Per unit
Storage container/sea can
Structural repairs and alterations to existing deck / balcony or new construction under 8′ X 8′
New decks / balconies larger than 8′ X 8′
New construction, including additions (excluding alterations)
New tent structure, garage, shed, storage
$0.20 / SQ. Ft
New residential construction (including single family dwellings, semi-detached & duplex)
$1.32 / SQ. Ft
Group A (Assembly occupancy)
$0.20 / SQ. FT
Group B (care or detention buildings)
$2.10 / SQ. Ft
Group C (apartments, hotels, motels, townhouses)
$2.10 / SQ. Ft
Group D (business and personal services buildigs)
$1.50 / SQ. Ft
Group E (mercantile buildings)
$1.50 / SQ. Ft
Group F (industrial buildings)
$1.50 / SQ. Ft
Group F (industrial buildings) shell only
$1.03 / SQ. Ft
For signs up to and including 4′ X 8′
For signs greater than 4′ X 8′
Demolition permits
Change of use permits
Renewal of any permit
Fence permit
All residential permits including additions, alterations, buildings moving and repairs other than those listed above shall be based on the evaluation of the work shall be:
Application fee
And per $1,000.00
Minimum permit fee
All commercial permits including additions, alterations, buildings moving and repairs other than those listed above shall be based on the evaluation of the work shall be:
Application fee
And per $1,000.00
Minimum permit fee

When You Need A Building Permit

A building permit regulates the type of construction and helps to ensure that building standards are met. The building permit process protects each homeowner’s interest, and protects those in the community by ensuring that any structural changes are legal, safe, and sound.

A building permit is required for the construction or demolition of any building or addition. The following comparable lists are examples that represent when a permit is needed, set against when it is not. Please note that these do not represent definitive lists, and that it is recommended to get in touch with the department.

  • Construct a new building on your property
  • Renovate, repair, alter or add to an existing building
  • Demolish or remove all or a portion of a building on your property
  • Install, change or remove load-bearing walls and non load-bearing partitions
  • Make new openings for windows or doors, or replacing windows or doors
  • Sheds or garages over 108 sq ft
  • Decks more than 24 inches above grade (attached or detached)
  • Carports
  • Dormers
  • Changing weeping tiles, repairing foundations
  • New wood stove or fireplace
  • Finish a basement
  • Siding on small residential buildings
  • Shingles on small residential buildings
  • Erect a fence
Not Required
  • Detached structures of 108 sq ft or less
  • Eavestroughs (ensure drainage is contained on your property)
  • Painting
  • Install a pool
  • Reinstall or replace kitchen or bathroom cupboards
  • Replace kitchen or washroom fixtures (plumbing not being relocated)
  • Electrical work (the ESA must inspect electrical installations)
Building Permit Fees
Needing a Permit

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