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Strategic Plan

The strategic plan outlines how the Council will enhance and preserve the Town of Cochrane.
Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan for Cochrane Ontario

This page offers a summary of the most recent strategic plan for the Town of Cochrane and area. Start by reading the message from Council, and then download and read the 2020 Strategic Plan.

A message from Council

On behalf of Council of the Town of Cochrane, I am proud to present the Town’s 2020 Strategic Plan.

From breathtaking vistas to Lake Commando to plentiful farm fields with rich soils, Cochrane enjoys a refreshingly natural and rural character. From our historic downtown to our lakes and rivers, the Town of Cochrane remains grounded with a distinctive northern small-town feel.

Throughout this strategic plan you will find ways in which Council plans to preserve our unique rural and urban blend while inspiring Cochrane to become the envy of northern Ontario.

Council and I look forward to working with you to advance this plan and continue to improve our Town.

Sincerely Yours,

Message du Conseil

Au nom de la ville de Cochrane et en mon nom personnel, je suis enchanté de vous présenter le Nouveau Plan Stratégique pour l’année 2020.

Un séjour au centre-ville, vous permettra de constater l’agréable ambiance du lac Commando avec ses nombreux sentiers pédestres. Vous pourriez vous déplacer allègrement et jouir du beau paysage au centre de notre municipalité.

De plus, nos régions rurales débordent de nombreuses terres fertiles offrant d’énormes possibilités dans le développement de l’économie agraire ainsi que des randonnées divertissantes dans l’air pur du nord de l’Ontario.

Grâce à sa diversité économique et ses nombreux avantages naturels tels que ses lacs et rivières, la ville de Cochrane est toujours l’envie des communautés avoisinantes.

À l’intérieur de ce plan stratégique, vous trouverez des démarches qui permettront au Conseil de maintenir un équilibre entre le développement urbain et rurale, tout en garantissant un niveau de vie satisfaisant pour tous ses citoyens.

Le conseil et moi-même sommes énormément motivés de travailler en consultation avec les citoyens afin d’améliorer la qualité de vie des gens de notre municipalité.

Bien à vous

Denis Clement
Mayor / Maire / Okemah

Strategic Plan 2020

To build a community today that future generations will be proud of

At the Town of Cochrane we wish to honour the investments our forefathers gifted to us by ensuring that we are making similar investments that will create long term wealth for our children’s future.

It all starts with a vision
Our vision of the community is long term and forward thinking. Investments that we make today will affect our future.

Here to Serve

Council and staff at the Town of Cochrane are here to serve our people. It’s our mandate to offer an array of services that protect, enhance and sustain our community. Our community can count on us to deliver.

Welcome to the Town of Cochrane’s 2020 Strategic Plan.

This document outlines Council’s plan for the coming year and how we are going to be a healthy, self-sufficient and resilient community.

For the people who call Cochrane home it is a thriving community which we are extremely proud of. It is a caring community that embraces its rich past as a lighthouse for our promising future. Cochrane offers an enviable quality of life and features opportunities for youth, adults and seniors.

We welcome you to join us on our quest to become a place that our future generations will be proud of.

We Value

We value our people and understand that our unique blend of cultures strengthens our social fabric and strengthens us as a community.

We Value

We value our built environment and thank our founding fathers for building a community that has stood the test of time. We are proud of our community assets and seek to strengthen and build on them.

We Value

We value our future while honouring our past. With our vast natural resource wealth and our strategic location our future is bright.

Population Retention

We asked ourselves How might we retain our population by providing economic opportunities for everyone? It is our objective to retain and grow our population.

Fiscal Health

We asked ourselves How might we build a community that is in good financial health? It is our objective to keep more money in people’s pocket.

Strengthening Our Unique Blend of Cultures

We asked ourselves How might we strengthen our unique blend of Cultures? It is our objective to stop cultural segregation and the removal of socio-economic barriers for our people.

Physically Healthy Community

We asked ourselves How might we build a community that is in good physical health? It is our objective to grow while we maintain our physical health.

Self Sufficient

We asked ourselves How might we become a self-sufficient community? It is our objective to be strategic about our growth and development.

Create a Better Business Environment

We want to create an environment where business can thrive. We will do this by working locally and investing in what we already have.

Increase Local Competition

Competition in our business sector is good for everyone. It fosters innovation and economic resiliency.

Find and Exploit New Economic Markets

Our world is changing, and we need to take advantage of new opportunities and markets.

Attract and Strengthen Smaller Businesses

When a new small business opens we want to roll out the red carpet and put away the red tape. Healthy competition is good for everyone.

Utilize the By-Products of Our Natural Resources

Whether its agricultural biomass or value-added forestry production we need to use all our resources to our advantage.

Keep Our Debt Low

We want to work toward the lowest debt possible with a target of zero. We will focus on small incremental changes that make a difference in people’s lives. Not mega projects built with “free” money.

Being Prepared for the Unexpected

Whether it be a freak weather event or an unforeseen infrastructure failure we need to be prepared. We will do this by keeping our reserves in healthy shape.

Stabilize Our Tax Base

We need a sustainable municipal taxation program that is predictable for people. We want to avoid massive tax increases due to poor planning and lack of foresight.

Good Governance

Our elected officials need the right tools and processes that allow for good decisions. We will do this by introducing a committee structure that will lead to better governance.

Modernize Our Business Practices

We need to keep our operations modern in order to find efficiencies and costs savings for our taxpayers.

Growth Based on Need

We want to ensure that our growth does not end up hurting us with infrastructure expenses that we can’t maintain. We need to utilize and sustain the assets that have been passed down to us by previous generations.

Strategic Planning

Council needs to review and develop their strategic priorities each year by developing an annual strategic plan and sticking to it.

New Growth to Pay for Health Amenities

We need to ensure that new growth pays for itself and makes a meaningful contribution to the health of community. We need to ensure that new development contributes to parks and greenspace development in new neighbourhoods.

Growth Based on Need

We need to be disciplined where new growth happens. Growth should be based on need and what helps the community. We don’t need development for the sake of development and we need to protect what finite land inventory we have.

Official Plan and Zoning Review

We need to keep our Official Plan and Zoning By-laws current. We will do this by re-evaluating these plans to ensure they align with the vision for the community.

Stopping Cultural Segregation

We strengthen our community by welcoming and including all cultures. Together we are stronger and by celebrating each other’s unique cultures we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Removal of Socio-Economic Barriers

Every person in our community has the right to achieve their full potential. We will work to remove socio economic barriers in order to uplift our residents.

Collaboration Among Groups

We encourage citizen involvement in our community; however, we will work to avoid duplication and encourage all community groups to collaborate with one another.

Maintain the Services We Have

We want the Town to collaborate with other organizations that provide valuable services for our residents. We will work to strengthen our existing services.

Better Active Transportation

Not all people can drive automobiles. We need to allow people from the entire community options for accessing basic needs including walking and biking.

Growth That Keeps Us Healthy

As we grow, we need to ensure our built environment does not contribute to poor physical health. We will do this by ensuring development contributes to our health.

Affordable and Healthy Food

Access to fresh whole foods is key for maintaining our individual health. We will work to ensure our community has access to high quality food and discourage unhealthy food choices in our operations.

Access to Healthy Amenities

We want to encourage our citizens to move as a key-way to maintain personal health. We want every member of our community to have access to healthy amenities that promote healthy lifestyles.

Plan for More Parks and Playgrounds

Great public parks and playgrounds contribute significantly to a healthy community. We want to prioritize more parks and playground space for our residents.

Grow Our Own Food

We don’t want to rely on exotic foods from far away lands. We are blessed with rich agricultural land that can support the growth of our own food production.

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