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Get all your questions about Business Bylaws and applications answered.
Business FAQ

Business Bylaws & Applications

Like all communities, Cochrane has some strict guidelines when it comes to all local businesses. Before you plan anything, it’s always best to contact someone. The following application documents and bylaws may be of particular interest to new businesses setting up shop in Cochrane.

Charity Barbecue Form

Want to put on a town wide barbecue for charity purposes? Simply fill out the application form and send it our way.

Pedlars License

A pedlars license is a certificate that allows a person to trade whilst on foot, often selling trinkets, household goods, and other hand made objects.

Temporary Street Closure

If you are planning to temporarily close the street fully, partially occupy a curb lane for a race, run, walk or festival, you must apply for a street closure permit in accordance with the Town of Cochrane’s guidelines.

Sidewalk Encroachment

Encroachments are defined as anything installed, constructed, or planted within the public road allowance that was not installed, constructed or planted by the Town of Cochrane.

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