Tim Horton Events Centre

Most Canadians know the name Tim Horton; not all know that he was an elite National Hockey League player from Cochrane.  We do and we're proud of it.  Visit the Tim Horton Events Centre and check out the NHL sized rink, community hall, fitness Center, and the state-of-the-art and newest recreational complex in Northeastern Ontario.

It also has a four-lane Olympic sized swimming pool, complete with a whirlpool, a unique lazy river and water slide, all set in a simulated tropical beach setting complete with palm trees; like nothing you'll find anywhere else in the North.  Finally, visit the Tim Horton Hockey Museum.  Located with the Event Centre, the Museum features photos, books, jerseys and 568 pucks - the number of points scored by the legend during his career in the NHL.

From his humble beginnings playing hockey in our great white northern town to creating a Canadian institution, Tim Horton has made a legacy for Cochrane and we invite you to take part in it.

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